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Unbroken Warriors is dedicated to helping the veteran community. I hope to raise $500 for the GI Go Fund. To join up and show your gratitude to our troops, simply donate here.

About Event

The event will commemorate the 20 year anniversary of the attacks on September 11. This year's swim will also honor the 10 year anniversary of Extortion 17, which was the call sign for a U.S. CH-47 Chinook military helicopter that was shot down on August 6, 2011 in Afghanistan. The crash occurred while transporting a quick reaction force attempting to reinforce a unit of Army Rangers, resulting in the worst loss of U.S. Military life in a single incident in the Afghanistan campaign.

Along the route, a team of U.S. Navy SEALs will swim to the Statue of Liberty and then Ellis Island before arriving in Battery Park. At each stop, SEALs will perform pushups and pullups to honor America’s liberties, diversity, and those who have fought to preserve them. Upon their arrival at Battery Park, the SEALs will run towards One World Trade Center and end their journey at the America’s Response Monument.

The Navy SEAL Swim and Run will help GI Go raise funds for veterans in the New York/New Jersey Region, including ending veteran homelessness in New York City, and funding the veteran small business incubator and training center. Donate now to support this amazing event.

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  • $25Shannon S
    As the sister of a combat Vet and being someone who lived in NY during 9/11, my gratitude, admiration and respect is tremendous for our militiary members and this cause.
  • Kristin Deffler
    Supporting Veterans Always!
  • $100Joe and Jocelyn Messina
  • US1 Industries, Inc.
  • $100East Brunswick VFW Post 133
  • $100Thomas Coohill
    Proud to be able to honor Michael Dowens and Unbroken Warriors
  • $100Rich and Laura Jewett
    We want to show Michael and his great organization our full support



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